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Our mission here at B.I.T.S. is simple; give ex-felons the opportunity to find the help, tools and the incentive to get back to reality. We firmly believe in the second chance system, we know it won’t be easy but it is possible to give that second chance to get lives, family and dignity back. We also know that we cannot do it alone, and this is where you come in the main thing we need here is what’s already out there:


·         Information

·         Resources

·         Support Groups

·         Training Programs

·         Jobs

·         Anything that might be of some help.


If you know of any Programs, Support Groups, Employment Agencies, Training Institutes that can be of any assistance to help an ex-felon who does not know where to go please list it.  The Power of Your Information Will Empower Thousands!


I want my life back!!!

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