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The Community of Caring ( COC )

Posted by Kevin W Womble Sr on March 14, 2013 at 12:35 PM Comments comments (42)

The Community of Caring (COC) was founded in 1980 by the Rev. Charles and Mother Mary Beth Kennedy to respond to unmet human needs: hunger, homelessness, illness and others.


The agency was incorporated in 1983 as a non-profit human services organization that has a board of directors, staff, budgets, audits and other characteristics of a formal organization. There is also the informal level of COC, in which members simply pledge to do an act of kindness every day.


The mission of the Community of Caring is to help impoverished people throughout the world to meet their unmet needs, both physical (shelter, food and clothing) and spiritual, so far as resources permit.


This is to be done in a caring and compassionate way, reflecting the love of Christ, so as to preserve the dignity of the individual.


Elder Charles C. Kennedy and Mother Mary Beth Kennedy founded the Community of Caring in 1980. It is registered with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) as a private voluntary organization. There are independent local chapters in 5 U.S. cities and in 8 countries in Africa and the Caribbean.

Our Philosophy...


Our philosophy is based on the premise that kindness and caring remain relevant in today's world. We feel that God's love flowing through others can change the world. We believe that love heals broken people, transforms shattered lives and empowers individuals to become positive forces for good.


Thanks to dedicated staff and volunteers we have helped thousands of people throughout the years. We don't just provide basic physical necessities; we also feed the heart and spirit. People need love, acceptance, and a feeling that they can make a difference. COC provides a healing, nurturing community which makes this possible.


Services are given based on need and without regard to race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation.


Community of Caring is committed to accountability and good stewardship of resources


MHA of Erie Pennsylvania

Posted by Kevin W Womble Sr on August 28, 2012 at 11:25 AM Comments comments (55)

Our vision is that all people with mental health needs lead meaningful and satisfying lives through choice, responsibility and dignity with respect.



The Mental Health Association of NW PA is organized for people diagnosed with mental illness. We provide an atmosphere where mental health consumers can safely relax with their peers. We are consumer run organization. The MHANP board of directors must have more than 50% consumer representation. The goal is to support and promote mental health recovery. The Consumer Center Team provides a safe environment for members to enjoy a wide range of social or educational activities or to just be. The Consumer/Family Satisfaction Team functions as a service for Consumers and Family members to voice their opinion regarding their own mental health services. Advocacy efforts range from navigating systems such as: mental health, housing, vocational, educational and financial to writing a resumé or helping someone register to vote. Volunteering provides opportunities as a means to help ease the transition back into gainful employment.




Membership in the MHA is free and there are no requirements regarding your attendance. Come as little or as often as you want!

Any and all adults above the age of 18 with a history of treatment for mental health needs may seek free membership and services from the Mental Health Association. We operate for the benefit of mental health consumers through consumer conceived, designed and operated programs.

The recidivism rate and the ex offender

Posted by Kevin W Womble Sr on August 8, 2011 at 5:45 PM Comments comments (35)

I have to wonder why there is a statistic for how many people are out of work in this country, and why there are politicians who claim to be trying to bring jobs to their communities for everybody when that is not entirely true. I have yet to see any stats focused towards the people who are forever condemned and rarely forgiven or accepted in today's society.I am speaking of ex-felons/ex-offenders like myself who are not given the chance to correct mistakes or allowed to become productive members of society again. I myself have been home for almost five years and since my release I have been basicly unemployable and unemployed. In the past 4 plus years I have been home I have submitted over 3000 applications to companies in every field that I have some experience in, From what I have experienced first hand it is evident that the mind set in this country is Once a Criminal always a Criminal and that my friends is wrong. Yes, you do have to pay for your crimes and yes you do have to prove yourself worthy of trust in order to be accepted but, how can you do whats needed if you are never given the chance. I am also aware that the nature of your crime controls your destiny in your quest for progress and everybody is not the forgiving kind but how much more do we as ex-offenders have to pay in order to get Back In To Society. I made mistakes and I can't take them back but I can improve myself and move on with my life if given the chance.All I want to do is support myself and my family and I can't do that if I am not given a second chance.

Taste of Living Hope

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August 5th 6PM-9PM





11am-4pm Taste of Living Hope

Games, food and entertainment


4pm-8pm Youth Revival






15712 CHURCH DR.


Posted by Kevin W Womble Sr on March 14, 2011 at 12:10 AM Comments comments (36)

  Again we have searched and found something that will help with our quest to get on the right track. What Fresh Start has to offer is an amazing array of programs and opportunities for ex-offenders.....   

Jaxi West Companies

Posted by Jaxi West on November 7, 2010 at 2:55 PM Comments comments (38)

The Personal Coaching Division of my  Business 

In my pursuit of "Making My Footprint Globally", I am offering Complimentary Personal Coaching Services to those who join BITS.

These coaching sessions are for as long as necessary - until you are able to find employment and/or are better able to live out your life with extreme confidence and pride, moving far away from your past, and instead focusing on harnessing & activating all your potential so you can show the world what you are made of and what you can do!

I have experience with reintegrating individuals back into society, from my work with the Anthony Robbins Foundation and the homeless when I lived in Arizona. Their challenges are different from yours, but some of the basics are the same. So if you choose, we can focus only on this aspect in your coaching sessions, or we can focus only on employment, or a combination of these, or as I mentioned above, your entire life.

Coaching sessions are customized to each individual, as each person is unique in their situations, and unique in their strengths and challenges. These sessions are about you and what you are struggling with, want to change, want to move forward with in life, so it's all up to you!

Please visit my website to learn more about what personal coaching can do for you: and then either contact me on here or through the Contact Jaxi form on the website so we can start to work together. I am excited for all your new beginnings and I look forward to helping you where i can.

And, I welcome you as a friend on my Personal Mission Facebook Page: should you want to accept this invitation.

Your Silent & Strategic Partner In All Your Endeavors,

Jaxi West :)