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Posted by Kevin W Womble Sr on November 7, 2010 at 12:09 PM


Posted on | October 19, 2010


This is the first in a series of posts that suggest, and offer, advice to felons on how to earn very good money by offering simple services over the Internet.

A lot of jobs for felons require some form of manual labor or have very little room for advancement or both. This post and others to follow in this series is, and will be, focused on helping those ex felons find good paying jobs working for clients by using the internet as a virtual office. The main thing people need to understand, is no matter what you do, if you’re working for various people offering a simple service online, it’s the same as being self employed, as being your own boss, as owning your own business, as finally being in control of your future.

Are you going to get rich working online?

Doubtful. But that depends on your definition of rich. Lets be realistic, if you’re are a felon looking for a job, making ZERO money right now. If you’re making $0.00/week isn’t making $300.00/week better? Which would you prefer. What could you do with an extra $300 in your pocket or bank account right now? If $300-$500 extra dollars means nothing to you, then stop reading.

If on the other hand you think something is better than nothing, and you want to be able to control your financial future, then these series of articles will hopefully put you on the right track to financial independence.

Do you Know How To Write?

I don’t mean spelling, every computer has spell check, so don’t worry about that. What I mean is can you write 400-500 word articles on various subjects? If you don’t know too much about the subject, can you at least find some info on the topic by searching Google and or Yahoo.?

If you answered yes, let me tell you about a world you may not know of. While video and pictures are big online, the internet is basically made up of a lot of words, in the form of articles or blog posts. People who own websites and perform Search Engine Optimization, are always in need of writers.

The problem is most of the writers on the market and in job banks for this type of work, are not in the US. They’re in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and the Philippines, and guess what, most can’t write to well, but they still get work because they charge $5.00 for a 400 word article, of course you get what you pay for, and people are willing to pay.


There is on online job bank called oDesk. People go there to hire virtual assistants or contractors to do work they don’t want or have time, to do. Almost all the freelancers, or contractors, on oDesk are from the middle east and east Asia, they are not native English speakers, as most of you are. The few contractors that are native English speakers, like someone who was born and raised in the US or the UK, get prices three times as big as the east Asian contractors.

Employers that go there pay top dollar, as much as $15-$20 for a 400-500 word article. Do you know how long it would take you to write a 400-500 word article with spell check and grammar check, even if you need to find some info online about it?……….At most an hour. If you know something about the subject, probably 1/2 hour.

That means you’re making $20-$4o per hour. Tell me where are you going to find even a $30 per hour job on the street in today’s economy. Not gonna happen, in my opinion.


If you can write using spell check and grammar check, you can male good money from home, working as much or as little as you want, writing simple 400-500 word articles, for employers on Odesk or or one of the many other sites online. Just go to Google and search “freelance job banks” or “freelance sites”, you’ll find plenty of them. By the way, this article is only 671 words.

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