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Interviewing Strategies - It's All About Sales

Posted by Jaxi West on November 7, 2010 at 3:27 PM

As someone who has gone through more interviews than you can imagine, including some of the most intense (government, pharmaceutical sales) and thousands of others in multiple states and cities in multiple industries and for multiple positions, I think I could actually call myself somewhat of a guru on interviews. :) Thankfully, gone are all those days - and I just LOVE being an entrepreneur!  

Sure, this 'authority status' is self proclaimed -but if you combine that with being on the other side of the desk, interviewing others, firing others & training others, you might agree.

Throw in some of my previous investigation experience where I know how to read body language and identify "truth in statements" by the way words are put together on paper and how they are articulated verbally, well, you might still be agreeing with me at this point. 

But what really allows me to boast this 100%-soo-not -about -me-obnoxious way :) is that I have also been in sales for countless years, and still do this today in my own business, as I am a one person business.  

And it's actually the latter experience (sales) that I came to realize, is the serious edge to the entire interviewing process - or game - whatever they call it these days.

Why? Because when you are interviewing for a position you are selling yourself. Plain and simple. You might be interviewing for a specific position. But they aren't hiring a position. They are hiring a human. And sure they might be interviewing you because you have a certain set of knowledge or a specific skill, but they aren't hiring just that skill or that knowledge. They are hiring you as a whole person.

So interviewing, stripped naked, is the fun, enlightening, challenging and rewarding craft of selling yourself!  

Try to contain yourself now, I know it's hard - because I know, you are absolutely jumping for joy right now, because you can't wait to start the craft of 'You' for your next interview :) GRIN

Since I am all about "Shaking Things Up!" - I will even push the limit on this one:

I think you should put this as one of your Strength Bullet Points on your Resume:

*Ace at Interviews ( or you could put Ace in Interviews) 

It's absolutely a skill, a talent. So why not? (If anyone tells you interviewing doesn't require savvy skill and natural talent, they have never interviewed correctly) 

And it's absolutely an exclusively ongoing high demand need for employers. Why? Because it shows you have been in Sales. 

Remember, Interviewing is Sales. It is selling yourself. Even if you haven't been employed officially in a sales position, you still have engaged in the DNA of sales.  

in a future blog, I will go about explaining why no matter what position you are hired for, janitor or CEO, you are in sales. So it is a constant needed skill for every single position. (please keep your eye out for that blog).

So, with all this said, and by now, you believe I could be somewhat of that "experienced authority" I first mentioned in this blog that I was - at least enough to trust me to guide you in this way.... as Your Silent & Strategic Partner, I'd like to help you craft this important 'You' package you will present in interviews to your potential new employers.

If you are interested in learning more, get in touch. Send me a message on here or email direct at [email protected]  I welcome the challenge and would love to help. This is complimentary for 30 days for each ex offender who joins BITS.  I will strive to do as much as I can within those 30 days, amongst my existing schedule. The amount of people I can help will be limited to my existing schedule, and my business comes first (I am sure you understand) so if I can't help you the month you request, please be patient and I will add you as soon as the next opening is available.  Should you choose to work past the 30 days together, there will be a fee charged for our work together. 

 Ps: This is separate from the coaching sessions I have offered on the other blog post.  

To all your pursuits and endeavors~

Jaxi :)

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