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We need to fix this problem if we can!!!

Posted by Kevin W Womble Sr on November 1, 2010 at 4:24 PM

In the state of Nevada the unemployment rate is in the 14-15% range, that is a hard pill to swollow.....In the country as a whole the unemployment rate is in the 9-11% range, that is a harder pill to swollow:???:. Now, let's discuss a statistic that most people in this country refuse to speak about, after some exstensive research it has come to light that the unemployment rate among ex-felons in this fair country of ours is at a staggering 81% and rising daily.It is a known and widely visable fact that in this country once a felon/criminal always a felon/criminal and that my friends is just not true.Of the nearly 700.000 men and women that are released from prison/jail each year about, 630.000 are still unemployed after three years, I don't know about anyone else but to me that is unacceptable. We know that you have people who just don't give a damn and they may be better off in prison/jail, to protect our citizens from harm, then there are the people whose intentions are to be defiant of the law and they/we are better off with them being in prison/jail but, let us not forget that there are people who have made mistakes, regret those mistakes and paid for those mistakes, who now want to get their lives back on track and become productive members of society. When a person comes home and basicly exausts all avenues trying to find work, being denied because of their conviction, some continue to try and some just give up, it is those that give up that contribute to the amazingly high Recidivism rate that is taking this country down. There are a lot of felons that can never be trusted again and there are some that just don't want to change, but there are alot of us who haved changed and just want that second chance that can make our lives worth staying out of prison/jail.

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